All British Precision increases capabilities to join Ventilator Challenge

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Midlands-based manufacturer, All British Precision, are producing components for ventilators. The firm has been working around the clock to ensure demands are met to support those fighting COVID-19. 

  The Precision engineering specialists, based in Derby, were asked to join the ventilator challenge after being recommended to Rolls-Royce by Steve Totty, Managing Director of Sliding Head machine supplier, Star Micronics. Producing four different components for the ventilators, this includes manifold blocks, poppets and valve covers.

These parts are for the Smiths ParaPAC Plus™ machine, used to aid the breathing of those suffering from Covid-19. All British Precision has completely re-organised its facility to meet the demand of the components required.

Alongside this, they have also been producing two aluminium components to be rubber moulded at a local company. 

Talking about how it feels to be part of the ventilator challenge, helping those who need it most, Richard Allen, Managing Director at All British Precision said: 

“I felt delighted on many fronts, the ventilator challenge has not only helped the company keep going, but it feels good to know we are doing our bit to help the country during these difficult times.” 

“I would like to thank the team and those within the supply chain in particular Mansfield Anodising for going above and beyond to achieve this.” 

All British Precision have increased their capabilities to meet these demands. The firm is known for specialising in metals mainly, however, the components they are producing for the ventilators are plastic. This requires micro deburring to ensure no plastic debris gets into the ventilator system. Richard added:

“The components we are producing are complex plastic components. It has been hard work to make this work, however we are determined to meet demands and ensure these parts are right for the ventilators.”

Offering manufacturers advice during this difficult time, Richard concluded:

“It's important that the sector keeps calm and carries on, to keep the wheels of industry rolling. The rest of the world will need us soon and we need to be here for when that happens.

Moving away from this crisis, it is important for the UK to realise that UK manufacturing can re-shore business from the far east by investing in and utilising automation technologies. These technologies are now better understood and more accessible.”

All British Precision are still open to support new and existing customers. The firm has ensured social distancing measures at their facility and have provided staff with PPE. 

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